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Our offer

We implement sales & marketing solutions –
the unique combination of practice and applied research

Our approach

Combination of practise and applied research
Exclusively consultans with experience on all management levels
Long-standing expertise accross different sectors

Our References

We have delivered many successful projects
accross different sectors, spanning from mid seized
companies ("Mittelstand") to big multinational corporations.

Our Team

Experience from Blue Chip Companies, Universities and international Associations,
e.g. Bacardi, Beiersdorf, GSK, Henkel, Mercuri, P&G, Simon-Kucher & Partner
Universties of St. Gallen, Giessen, Esslingen, Furtwangen


According to the philosophy of knowledge transfer
we regularly publish our experiences, insights
and surveys through relevant media channels.

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We deliver sales & marketing solutions from a single source.

Unique combination of applied science and practice.

Main topics of our consulting services:

  • Marketing and Sales Consulting as Go To Market Consulting for Start Up’s and Medium Sized Businesses among others
  • Sales – Digitalization, CRM, Pricing, => NEW! Our B2B-Pricing-Software PRICE HIVE
  • Sustainability in marketing and sales
  • Hedging sales risks in volatile times


Price Hive is partnering with leading software provider CAS.

To fully cover the entire price management system, Karlsruhe-based CRM and CPQ specialist CAS and Steinbeis VMI have signed a cooperation agreement.

As a result, Price Hive will be integratable into one of the leading configurators.

Digitalisierung im Vertrieb in der 2. Auflage erschienen

Nachdem die erste Auflage zu den downloadstärksten Büchern gehört hat, haben die nun 3 Herausgeber nachgelegt:

Prof. Dr. Rainer Elste (Senior Partner Steinbeis VMI / Hochschule Esslingen), Prof. Dr. Lars Binckebanck (Präsident der Hamburger Fernhochschule) und Prof. Dr. Alexander Haas (Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen)

Brand / marketing and sales strategy under the banner of sustainability.

The influence of external stakeholders on my brand and sales strategy.

Franz Speer
Senior Partner Steinbeis-VMI

Hedging sales risks in volatile times

Do you know the relevant risks that threaten your sales business currently, in the short and mid – term? Steinbeis makes you more future safe.

Franz Speer
Senior Partner Steinbeis-VMI

Neglected customers

A patchwork quilt has emerged in German companies as part of a wide range of digitization initiatives. In the process, the customer perspective has often been neglected, according to a recent study.

Pricing decisions in the beehive:

Steinbeis experts develop pricing software for B2B sales

Sustainability in marketing and sales

Prof. Elste and Franz Speer in an interview with Steinbeis Transfer Magazine on sustainability in marketing and sales:

Transfer 2/2021

Now more than ever

Current challenges for marketing and sales in Corona times – Steinbeis VMI supports companies with other Steinbeis experts in overcoming crises

How digital do we stay after Corona?

Covid-19 is forcing companies to rethink and act.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Elste
Senior Partner Steinbeis-VMI

How digital is B2B sales?

An expert clarifies.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Elste
Senior Partner Steinbeis VMI

Success with our 8 P model

From Purpose to Profit

If you have always been looking for a holistic approach to successfully manage your business – we offer field-proven solutions.


Our holistic consulting approach „From Purpose to Profit“ provides pragmatic and actionable solutions to positively impact the top and bottom line of your business.

The starting point of our approach is the question of primary or social corporate purpose.

  • Did you know that more and more stakeholders and NGOs are inquiring about the company’s social purpose in order to evaluate the company’s contribution not only in the economic, but also in the environmental and social areas?
  • A lack of corporate response to the question, „What contribution am I making to solving social problems?“ can significantly damage trust in the company.

Because we are convinced that companies must make a positive contribution to society with their products and their actions.

We are convinced from many years of experience that the control of the company result (PROFIT) can be achieved by means of six fields of action. For each of the following fields of action, we offer decades of experience, expertise and solutions proven in practice.

Thus, we are able to solve individual problems very specifically on the basis of benchmarks proven in practice.

Your benefit

We help you define a purpose that is specific to your company and relevant to your industry and that offers concrete social and corporate benefits.

Focus Topics: Product Design Sourcing Strategy | Logistics | Consumer Communication | Category Management

You must have heard about the EU plastics strategy in the news and perhaps wondered what it means for my company and my products?

We show you individual solutions with regard to current legal and customer requirements in terms of product design, purchasing strategy, logistical processes and category management, so that you can still sell your products/services tomorrow and retain the „license to operate“.

Interested? Contact us.

Focus topics: Target group analysis | Brand positioning | Touch points

Shopper marketing and the shopper journey are not new. What is new, however, are shopper types and the switch from physical stores to virtual shopping experiences.

But what are the consequences of the changed environment on my brand positioning, what are the relevant touch points from a new variety for my products/brand and what is my relevant target group?

We provide answers to all these questions in a structured process so that you can continue to be successful in the future

Interested? Contact us.

Focus topics: Supply chain, Customer and Sales operations | EDI Standards | KAM Organization International Customer Management

Your value chain is becoming increasingly complex, on the one hand due to internationalization and on the other hand due to the increased requirements with regard to, among other things, sourcing standards, digitalization and automation, speed and availability of goods.

It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture and implement cost-intensive solutions.

We help you to identify the issues that are relevant to you and to develop concrete solutions.

Interested? Contact us

Focus topics: Channel Strategy | PSO Management | Category Management

What good is the best product, the best campaign and the best strategy if there is a lack of implementation? Nothing is more negative for one’s own image and for success with retailers than a lack of perfection in the implementation of the sales channel strategy, POS management and relevant areas of category management.

We challenge your existing strategy, point out its weak points and work out concrete solutions/improvements so that you may one day become supplyer of the year.

Interested? Contact us

Focus topics: (N)GO Initiatives and the Impact Assessment | Own Positions and Action Plan | Sustainability/Sustainability

If you were asked who has the greatest influence on their products and processes, I’m sure you would say: my (retail) customers and my consumers / shoppers.

At the same time, many companies are not aware of the influence external stakeholders (GOs, NGOs, associations) have on their own Go-To-Market strategy.

We help you to identify the topics that are relevant for you, to carry out an impact assessment, to take a position and to derive a strategy.

For example, with our help, the EU Commission’s plastic strategy can turn from a risk into an opportunity by helping you save money on disposal fees, for example.

Interested? Contact us

Focus topics: Employer Branding | Talent Management | Defining and Building Capabilities

You have probably asked yourself the question, how do I get my organization / team to meet today’s high demands in sales and marketing?

We help you to define an individual training program that fully meets your individual wishes and needs. In the implementation we fall back on experienced partner companies if necessary.

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