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Digitalisierung im Vertrieb - Lars Binckebanck und Rainer ElsteBinckebanck, L.; Elste, R. (2016):
Digitalization in Sales, Wiesbaden (ed.)

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Binckebanck, L. (2011): 
Selling after the crisis

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Binckebanck, L.; Hölter, A.-K.; Tiffert, A. (2013): Leading Sales Organizations, Wiesbaden (ed.).

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Elste, R. (2009):

Brand evaluation in the case of unique product features, Wiesbaden

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Binckebanck, L.; Belz, C. (2012):
International Sales, Wiesbaden (Ed.).

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Binckebanck, L. (2006):
Interactive brand management, Wiesbaden

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Speer, F. (2004):  Cooperation innovation > Buy book

Cooperation is always difficult – but it is probably hardly anywhere as difficult as between industry and retail. Nevertheless, companies in the consumer goods industry are now also beginning to move away from focusing exclusively on their own processes and instead are optimizing complete value chains. Under the keyword „Efficient Consumer Response,“ a move toward more cooperation can be observed in the traditionally strained relationship between industry and retail partners. The idea of value-added partnerships is supposed to show a way out of the dilemma of „antagonistic cooperation“ and the zero-sum game practiced by all parties involved. Based on the analysis of a cooperative relationship generally regarded as a benchmark in research and practice – between the companies Henkel and dm-drogerie markt – this volume presents the framework conditions, courses and development logics, the problems and possible solutions of cooperative ventures in the difficult environment of food retailing. In the process, a surprising insight can be gained for organizational theorists as well as corporate practitioners: When external, cross-company cooperation has gained a certain quality and stability, internal cooperation and communication once again come into focus.

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