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Steinbeis VMI - Unsere Vision
Steinbeis VMI - Unsere Vision
We deliver sales and marketing solutions in one stop.


We are: Your implementers for sales & marketing solutions
We offer: Unique combination of applied science and practice.

This is what we specialize in:

  • Marketing and sales consulting for medium-sized businesses

  • Digitalization in sales, CRM, pricing

  • Sustainability in marketing and sales

With our 8 P model to success

From Purpose to Profit

If you have always been looking for a holistic approach to successfully manage your business - we offer field-proven solutions.


Our holistic consulting approach „From Purpose to Profit“ provides pragmatic and actionable solutions to positively impact the top and bottom line of your business.

The starting point of our approach is the question of primary or social corporate purpose.

  •  Did you know that more and more stakeholders and NGOs are inquiring about the company’s social purpose in order to evaluate the company’s contribution not only in the economic, but also in the environmental and social areas?
  • A lack of corporate response to the question, „What contribution am I making to solving social problems?“ can significantly damage trust in the company.

Because we are convinced that companies must make a positive contribution to society with their products and their actions.

We are convinced from many years of experience that the control of the company result (PROFIT) can be achieved by means of six fields of action. For each of the following fields of action, we offer decades of experience, expertise and solutions proven in practice.

Thus, we are able to solve individual problems very specifically on the basis of benchmarks proven in practice.