The influence of external stakeholders on my brand and sales strategy

The influence of external stakeholders on my brand and sales strategy

If you were asked who has the greatest influence on your products and processes, you would certainly say: my (trade) customers and my consumer / shopper.

Many companies are not aware of the influence external stakeholders (GO’s [Governmental Organizations], NGO’s [ Non Governmental Organizations] ,associations) have on their own marketing and sales or go-to-market strategy.

For example, some retail companies in Germany have moved up their packaging targets for own brands (use of recycled materials; recyclability) by three years, to 2022. To react to this means: TODAY!

Sustainability – The central theme

One of the central topics with the greatest impact is the topic of sustainability. At the global level, it manifests itself in the 17 SDGs (sustainability development goals) of the UN, at the regional level in the Green Deal and the circular economy strategy of the EU Commission, and locally in the sustainability strategy or the packaging law of the German government.

The question quickly arises, what does this concern me?

Very much so, and the answer can only be.

The value chain as a focus point

Because all strategies have a direct influence on their entire value chain and thus on your marketing and sales strategy.

The following topics can be identified as relevant, to name just a few: Sustainable purchase of raw materials, product design (recipe & packaging), addressing consumers (green claims), relations with retailers (incl. logistical processes), enabling consumers to consume sustainably (product performance), sustainable disposal of packaging used, etc.

It should be noted that many of the issues mentioned are now prerequisites for being able to bring products to market at all. The German government’s planned Supply Chain Act is adding to the pressure.

The questions for marketing

In marketing, when developing new products, questions should be asked about the origin of the raw materials, as both consumers and trade are becoming increasingly sensitive to this issue. The EU’s plastic strategy now specifically intervenes in the (packaging design) of the brand by stipulating the use of recycled material and the recyclability of the packaging. There is also a tight framework regarding the communication of the sustainability of products to the consumer.

The questions for the sales department

As part of the distribution strategy, you should be aware of the requirements of the retail companies with regard to the product ranges and be prepared for the fact that a lot of sustainability information has to be exchanged digitally in order to ensure transparency and security for the consumer.

The right positioning on the topic of sustainability

Surely you are interested in what you need to do to achieve this target positioning?

We use checklists to bring transparency to your entire value chain.

OR are you perhaps concerned with the question of where you can achieve a competitive advantage with the topic of sustainability, or where you can operate a higher added value?

We help you to identify the issues relevant to you, to carry out an impact assessment, to take a position and to derive a marketing and sales strategy, while not losing the right balance between the three pillars of sustainability. It might also be interesting for you to find out how you are perceived in terms of sustainability.

Turning challenges into opportunities

For example, with our help, the EU Commission’s Plastic Strategy can turn a risk into an opportunity by helping you save money on disposal fees, for example.

The relevant topics for YOUR business

The relevant topics for your Go To Market strategy are:

  • Circular economy
  • Social standards (CSR) ; ESG investment criteria
  • Sourcing Standards
  • Plastics strategy
  • Packaging and sustainability
  • CO2 reduction in logistics
  • Trade and customer requirements / industry standards
  • Consumer communication
  • Waste Management / EPR Systems

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