Markus Deutsch

Digitalisation Sales,
customer interaction,
Sustainable and digital business models,
corporate strategy,
smart cities

Markus Deutsch


Markus is an experienced management consultant at partner level and can draw on 20 years of consulting experience. He has been involved in the establishment and development of a number of start-ups and spent five years in retail, most recently as COO.

Markus started at a startup after studying mathematics and computer science and was involved in the rapid growth in the first few years there.

He then moved to Interpares-Mobau (now Eurobaustoff) in Karlsruhe, where he most recently took over as COO of the organisation.

His next move was to consulting, to TellSell Consulting in Frankfurt, a „boutique consultancy“ specialising in marketing, sales and new business models. Here he advised companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland from various sectors, such as logistics, insurance, trade or industry on sales-related topics and in particular also on the establishment or spin-off of new companies.

TellSell Consulting was sold to KPMG in 2011 and Markus has been Director of Customer Consulting since then. Until recently, he led the solutions „New Business Models“ and „Smart Cities“.

In addition to his professional activities, Markus Deutsch has published five specialist books and dozens of specialist articles. He is a lecturer at several universities and gives talks at various congresses.

One of Markus‘ specialties is advising companies that want to establish new business areas or develop new topics in cooperation with startups. Markus has also successfully accompanied startups in growth topics several times and coached young management teams in growth topics.

Markus is active in growth topics across all sectors and brings together the topics of digitalisation, sustainability and growth, especially in relation to sales. Many companies are currently facing major challenges in this area.