Markus Keggenho0ff

Markus Keggenhoff


Corporate strategy, sales and marketing strategy, interim management, change management

Markus Keggenhoff


Markus draws on his many years of experience as a bank manager, particularly in the areas of sales and marketing, and as a managing director and partner in consulting.


Markus has worked in the banking sector for over 38 years, including 20 years at board and management level. As a partner, he contributes his special expertise in sales and marketing as well as his diverse project experience to the practice-oriented consulting and implementation of our sales and marketing solutions.

Following his training at a savings bank and subsequent studies at the Hochschule für Finanzwirtschaft & Management (Bonn), Markus held responsible management positions in sales at various savings banks. As a board member, he then supported medium-sized clients in the implementation of their growth strategies and in crisis situations.

Markus contributed his entrepreneurial expertise to the management of the DSV Group (Stuttgart). As Managing Director of Sales, he was responsible in particular for the strategic and sales realignment of the group of companies, the consistent alignment of all activities on the market and the implementation of customer-oriented marketing.

In his role as Managing Director and Partner of SSC Management Consult (Cologne), Markus assumed responsibility for sales and marketing. This included the development of a Germany-wide market development strategy through to implementation. He was also responsible for project management with a focus on digitalization, growth and efficiency as well as the optimization of product and sales processes.

His core competencies include special project experience in the successful reorganization and establishment of nationwide sales structures, the development and implementation of sales, growth and marketing strategies as well as the positioning and expansion of the digital range of services.

His aim is to successfully transform the developed strategies and concepts into concrete and quantifiable results with a sustainable impact. As an interim manager, he also ensures that the project results are put into practice and supports the change management process.