Digitalisation in marketing & sales

10 steps to successful digitalisation in marketing & sales

Digitalisation in marketing & sales remains a permanent challenge.

From the current study supervised by Prof. Elste‚ Digitalisation Index Marketing & Sales‘ (To request our whitepaper please click here) shows that German companies have only gone part of the way towards a balanced digital approach. In many cases, there are digital-analogue patchworks and media discontinuities that are incomprehensible to the customer. Neither One-Face-To-The-Customer nor One-Voice are consistently realised. Digitisation often alienates the customer from the provider.

That has to change. With Corona, many processes have also been digitalised at high speed. It is important to use the advantages for the future and to develop them into a competitive advantage.

With 10 questions on digitalisation, we show the central steps that your company must go through to achieve successful and efficient digitalisation in marketing & sales.

    1. Do you have a working radar to assess the threat of digital disruptors??
    2. How strongly do the shareholders and the management support digitalisation in marketing & sales? Is there a digital culture?
    3. Is there a digital strategy, targets for digital measures and corresponding control mechanisms for what has been achieved?
    4. Do you still have an organisational separation of marketing and sales?
    5. How consistent is your customer’s perception of your company across analogue and digital touchpoints (customer journey)?
    6. Are you planning to install a CRM system or have you already installed it and are dissatisfied with its use and results?
    7. You are not sure which (digital) tools are right for your customers?
    8. Do you not yet use digital pricing models? Are your customer segments sufficiently differentiated?
    9. You are not sure whether you should also serve your customers directly? Do new rules of the game apply in the market in times of digitalisation?
    10. Is your marketing and sales team digitally on the ball? Is there a digital training and development programme?

* Source: Digitalisation Index Marketing & Sales, Prof. Dr. Rainer Elste (Esslingen University of Applied Sciences) & KPMG, available on request from